The Birth of CoLAUNCH

The past few months have been a crazy whirlwind of people launching online programs, new websites and new businesses. Lockdown meant so many different things for different businesses.

Our sister business, WAHM WorkSpace, has been busy right through. Many businesses took a break, or slowed down for the first few months of the pandemic. There was revived focus and drive in the third quarter for sure. I think the same can be said for many people. Some of businesses ramped up their offerings and services as lockdown started.

The team of WAHM WorkSpace worked on a few online launch projects for various clients in the third quarter. During this time the concept for CoLAUNCH was born. It was during this time that we learned so many of the key things relating to Online Launch Management. Below are the 4 key lessons about a successful online launch.


Communications has definitely been one of the buzz words in 2020. It’s been touted everywhere as one of the key proponents of working from home, no matter the business. Remote work requires a certain level of over communication, but with out becoming intrusive. One of the most important aspects of communication on a team, is the need to for an easily-accessible, open communication channel where everyone can access and follow the conversation. There are various platforms that this can be set up on. Our team uses Telegram. A caveat of using a chat platform, is that conversations can happen in private, and then the team members aren’t in the loop. It’s important to keep communication open and accessible.

Takeaway one:

Communication needs to happen, often, in full view of the team, and be easily accessible.

Task Management

The next aspect of launching is the need for a clear single place where task management occurs. There are so many tasks in a business, especially during a launch phase, that they can easily get lost. Our experience has shown that there needs to be one person on the team who’s responsibility it is, to update the task management platform when things crop up somewhere else. This way everyone involved knows that there is someone in charge of making sure the tasks are tracked and updated.

This is often a difficult one to keep track of. Things come up on a chat, and get agreed to, but then don’t get captured and they fall through cracks. Only to be brought up in a panic when the task is due or something isn’t working as it was hoped.

Another important factor of task management is that there needs to be an agreement from the whole team to regularly check and update the task management platform. There’s no point in having the software, if it’s not used regularly and kept up to date. It’s is a central place to keep track of progress updates which could easily get lost in a group chat.

Take away two:

Have a comprehensive task list, in a reliable task management platform, that is regularly checked by everyone on the team.

Timing and Scheduling

Launches require a lot of work. There are dozens of tasks in various areas of the business that need to be set up and completed prior to actually launching. It is vitally important to know what those tasks are and how long they’re likely to take. And then to work out the launch schedule accordingly.

Many business owners realise that they needed to change the dates of their launch part way through the planning phase. Due to a combination of the sheer volume of tasks to complete, as well as the availability of their team to complete those tasks.

We recommend at least a 6-8 weeks planning phase, in order to prepare and have everything ready in time for launching. This includes prepping all the content for promotion, sales and course or program delivery. We feel it is important to have your launch team on board for the full period of this prep. This improves communication as well as task management. There is also the aspect that your team is as invested as you are in the success of your business.

Take away three:

Fail to plan and you plan to fail. Start early, track every task and have a stress less launch.

Team Members

As we’ve mentioned, a launch is an epic amount of work and can be incredibly stressful. Having a team to support you is really important. Whether that is just one or two people, or a team of 15. All the measures above will assist with ensuring your team has buy in to your launch. It will help them be clear on your goals and know what is expected of them.

That being said, the leadership of the team is equally important. Having a clear goal and vision for your launch, along with being able to communicate that to others is vitally important. You could have the best team in the world, but without them clearly knowing where they’re going, they’re still going to get nowhere in style.

As the client working with various service providers, you need to remember that the team is there to assist you with carrying out your vision and plan. Relying on a team member to direct you is bound to cause tension and frustration in a working environment. Our team are certainly able to speak about our experience and to make suggestions, but ultimately it is your business and the final decisions and directions need to come from you!

Take away four:

Choose people for your team that you connect with and who complement your skills. Lead that team with clarity and purpose.

There are many pitfalls when it comes to launching and using a team. We’ve shared moments of sheer joy and ones of complete frustration. We’ve learned that without clear communication channels, well thought out vision and planning, and regular team updates that a team dynamic can get frustrating for everyone involved very quickly. Trying to rush the process just puts undue pressure on everyone involved.

We also learned that there is space in the online world for a team who can assist with the launching from the perspective of someone who has a better understanding of the whole process. And that is how our company was created.

We are proud to introduce CoLAUNCH – Collaborative Launch Management. Our team will work with you to ensure that the communication channels are open and working. We will provide a comprehensive task list, and ensure that any additional tasks that come up during the launch are tracked and updated regularly. Our Online Launch Managers will work with you and your team, using our detailed schedule, to ensure that your next launch goes off with a lot less stress for all parties. If you need it, we can assist with finding, interviewing and vetting team members when needed.

CoLAUNCH will bring your vision to life with less stress and more focus.

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Bianca is a digital native who lives, loves and works on the internet. She's a work at home mom to two kids. She runs a tech VA business, WAHM WorkSpace, where she loves working on Wordpress Websites. Her favourite thing about launching is working with so many diverse team members. She's the weirdo that that thrives under pressure and manages to stay calm and organised.